Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Porch With Cantilever Roof
The smart cantilever roof let's the afternoon light drop in the main living spaces
Texture And Integration
Beautiful texture of the Cover Stone Cladding, sunblocks integrated in the facade
Garden flowing through the villa
Two sides glass facade brings nature into the kitchen
No Window Frames
Structurally bonded Glazing and sliding doors
Covers by Petersen Tegl
Under influence of sunlight the colour and reflection of Stone facade cladding chances continuously
Entry Porch
Sheltered from the elements
Top View
Green Roof and Solar System

Bulb Fields Bungalow

Split level bungalow

Villa cuts site in three garden area’s

Integrated porch outdoor spaces, sheltered from the elements

Environmentally friendly facade materials

Floor to ceiling glass walls

Green roof

A+++ Energy Label 

Bulb Fields View

Lifting the main living space 1 meter above surrounding garden and cutting open the West facade, beautiful evening scenes play while sitting in on the couch or armchair

Surrounding nature and light float into the main living area through floor to ceiling glass walls

Klik Hier
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Coherent Materials

Using 21e century reinvented traditional materials which leave no questions about if this is contemporary architecture

Using brick tiles cladding for the facade

This beautiful product has a texture with a roughness that blends with nature surroundings. The tiles are demountable so reusable in the future 

Cooked wood cladding on porch walls and ceiling. Outstanding how by heating the wood this fast growing woods are made sustainable like hardwood

The cooked wood finishing is brushed and added is a colorstain oil to preserve it’s beautiful color

Integrated sunblock outdoor shutters

Beautiful detailing of small hidden windows carved out of the bricks 

Art work by the builder who cut the under an angle hanging brick cladding in default  

The Perfect Porch

This 30m2 porch is sheltered from prevailing wind directions with morning and afternoon sunlight and a direct connection to the kitchen

Cladded with Cooked wood finished in color stain and brushed surface to feel and see the fine texture of the wood which gives a friendly feel about the porch 

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier

Interior Finishing

Absence of detail is bless, but superb craftsmanship is required 

Invisible doors throughout the house 


Concept Diagrams
Klik Hier
Site and Building
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fam. Van Engelen



Energy Label




Raimond Zoeter