Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Old Dune Villa
Nominated for the 'Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019'
Sleeping Sheltered
bedrooms sunken into the Old Dune
Kitchen And Terrace On Same Level
concrete wall reflecting wintersun into the kitchen
More Livingrooms
Sunken into old Dune is the playroom with patio terrace
Diagonal views
Livingroom view with evening sun orientation
Concrete, Cooked wood and Plywood
Looking through a green coulisse
behind lays the bulb fields
Kitchen view on Bulb Fields
Bulb fields not in bloom yet
Office space green wall
glass sliding door connecting to livingspace
Like this workplace?
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Old Dune Villa

Nominated for the ‘Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019’

A++++ Energy Label (produces more electricity than it uses)

Historic dune landscape integrated around Villa

First floor main living space overlooking Bulb Fields

Multiple integrated outdoor spaces, in sun, shade, sheltered from wind

Cooked wood window frames environmental friendly

All wood outdoor terraces preserved with ecologically friendly fluoride

Local materials used as shells for garden paths and native garden planting 

Raw material interior finishing, concrete floors and ceilings, plywood walls and custom made cabinets

Using wood materials or no finishing interior materials to reduce the environmental footprint

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier

Organizing Space!

Using one central placed element that organizes all. The living space flows around it and it’s usage is anchored in the the element  

On the four sides of the centre element. Kitchen, living, office/guest and wardrope entry area

Multifuncitional use of spaces included. The usage as an office space, guest room or audio room is incorporated in the design of the main living area’s. Making the design future an elderly proof 

This Villa Is All About Outdoor Space

Having outdoor places where daily activity can happen

Having the year throughout outdoor places, sheltered from sun, exposed to the sun, sheltered from wind and rain and sometimes in a nice breeze 

Having small outdoor places for intimate morning coffee or breakfast

Or having a 60m2 terrace which acts as a living room during a drink with friends  

So make sure throughout the year you have outdoor places to hang around, to lunch, to light a fire, to dance, to play, to have drinks or read a book

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
First floor
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Energy Label



Nominatad for Rijnland Architecture Award


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