Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Extension 't Hooge Nest
How to Integrate Old New and the history of this well Known dutch House
Historic Facade Openings
using the historic openings and plastering in light gray the demolished former entry shows signs of the past
Old Brickworks Part Of The New Interior
using large glas skylights to give daylight to the old facade

't Hooge Nest Extension

’t Hooge Nest is known for it’s similar named book

The house where during the Second World War two sisters gave shelter to Jewish hiders

The plan contains revival of the historic approaching to the house

Opening the house to it’s enormous East side garden

Using brickwork patterns from the house in a new way for the extension

Using in the extension the same dominant scale of the square brick basement and it’s giant straw roofing

 New brickwork, construction materials all with a low carbon footprint

Klik Hier
Klik Hier

The Same Scale

Using the same width of the old facade for the brick cladded framework to enclose the full glass facade to maintain the robust characteristic scale of the house 

The full glass facade opens the house to the 200m long East garden 



Looking Through

Using former openings in the old facade and some door openings in the old house, but making these completely transparant will ensure that from the West side of the house a complete look through the house into the beautiful East garden is guaranteed 

By using dark colors, Aubergine like for the hallway this effect will be multiplied  

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
main house and extension
Klik Hier
Klik Hier









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