Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
A Monolith Rock
facade patterns lining up perfectly to create the illusion of a continues cladding like the skin of an animal
Walking down the dramatic entrance to the villa

Sculpture Villa

A building as Sculpture along a historic preserved waterway and tree line

Historic Dunes extrapolated making history visible

First floor loft living space overlooking Sancta Maria Park

Multiple integrated outdoor spaces, in sun, shade, sheltered from wind

Brown Zinc cladding facade

Local materials used as shells for garden paths and native garden planting 

Raw material interior finishing, concrete floors and ceilings, plywood walls and custom made cabinets

Using wood materials or no finishing interior materials to reduce the environmental footprint

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier

The Big Gesture!

Using the site extraordinary elements. The landscape, defined by it’s monumental trees, waterway and park. It’s historic colossal Pavilions by Jos Bekkers, son of Cuypers pupil Peter Bekkers. 

To blend the new building in it’s green surroudings and juxtaposition to surrounding buildings we created an Copper Sculpture volume 


Craftsmanship To The Last Detail

Absence of detail is bless, but superb craftsmanship is required 

Invisible doors to storage rooms, toilet 

Birch plywood interior finishing in subtle pattern corresponding the outdoor zinc cladding

perfect in place casted concrete finishing in bathroom



Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier

Work Of Art

From the drawing table to the finishing, this facade is a work of art

A minature model and multiple 3d drawings made sure that the cladding pattern would fit

The diagonal roof ridge and the oblique gutter line are carefully made certain to insure the zinc cladding looks like a continues skin pattern

All smooth lines are constructed in a way the pattern seems uninterrupted


Building Site
sculpture volume, historic trees and waterway
Klik Hier
First Floor Living
kitchen, livingroom
Klik Hier
entry, office, sleeping
Klik Hier






fam Klein



Energy Label




Raimond Zoeter