Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Full transparant entry with back wall and stairs lighted by skylight

Park Villa Sancta Maria

Reorganizing the building site to make full use of south west orientation 

Open floor plan living

Loft space living room overlooking the Park Garden

Integrated outdoor spaces, in sun, shade, sheltered from wind

Facade Stucco referring to the chalky soil rich grounds on which the house stands

Cooked wood cladding, extraordinary how by the heating process this fast growing woods are made sustainable like hardwood  

Local materials used as shells for garden paths and native garden planting 

Material interior finishing, concrete floors, plywood custom made cabinets

Green roof combined with solar panels 


Klik Hier
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Organizing The Building Plot

It all started with positioning the building on the North side of the plot and relocating the entry to the plot to create space on the south west side for gardens and dunes vista

A formal entry to the house is created on this north side where passing the cut out corner of the house which hold the office from were it’s residents catch a glimpse of new visitors or the adjacent road 

Using the landscape slope to have a natural lifted ground floor level to oversee the garden where the kitchen is directly connect to the main terrace 

In summer days the kitchen is in open connection to the terrace through a 5,5 meter wide opening double sliding door. 

The Villa contains an 4,5m high living room and a total open ground floor plan. Organizing, kitchen, living, vestibule, office and facilities. 

The basement floor holds and multifunctional room (au pair) or guest room/ office, sauna. The first floor holds 3 bedrooms including bathrooms and dressingroom  

Experience Is Everything

Light, sight, openness and luxurious finishing

Having a 23 meter long full living floor hight glass curtain wall on the south west side of the villa, multiple full glass curtain corner windows and multiple skylights makes this house a true light, sight, openness experience. 

Interior finishing by clients wishes

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
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Klik Hier
Using existing slope to create loft hight living
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Sinking the volume and adding canope to keep the summer sun out
Klik Hier
Building Site
entry on the north, garden on south
Klik Hier
kitchen, livingroom
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Second Floor
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Guest room
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