North Sea Sky Bar Villa Noordwijk
Private Competition entry
Using landscape elevations to natural position the program based on view, wind shelter and sun. Cutting out the centre to make a windproof green courtyard for light, fresh and filtered air. Making the top floor the Sky Bar and patio outdoor spaces.
Music play's on the top floor
Sunset with North Sea view
kitchen, terras with pool and fireplace on the westside
Level 0
carpoort, house entry, hallway, office, gastroom, patio garden, gasthouse
Level 1, North See View
Big kitchen livingspace, terras with pool and fireplace and glass windshield, bedrooms and bathroom. Second entry through dunes path.
Level 2, North See Skybar
Pianobar, fireplace, minibar, kitchen, patio sunny terras with hot tub, masterbedroom bathroom