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Publication in Kavel & Huis, Edition maart'23- april'23
Panoramic View
Every day new spectacular views
Living Loft space level connected to patio terrace
Horizontal lines
Rooftop interior plywood cladding on one continues height separated from the interior, like a top hat
Diagonal Lines
45 degree plywood lines on side walls, of the gable roof, connect all 4 sides of the gable roof cladding and makes infinite lines throughout
Continues Line
From window to window, simple but powerful
Concrete, Glass, Plywood and white how beautiful!

IJssel Dyke House

Living in a high-end loft space overlooking the Mient polder

Integrated patio outdoor space, sheltered from wind

Environmentally friendly facade materials

Creative architecture in conservative urbanplanning scheme

Raw material interior finishing, concrete floors and ceilings, wood walls and custom made cabinets

Using wood materials or no finishing interior materials to reduce the environmental footprint

A++++ Energy Label (produces more electricity than it uses)

A Room With A View!

By moving the main living space to the first floor and ripping the volume open on the west side, spectacular views on the ‘Mient polder’ are added to daily life

DOA rotated the roof direction parallel to the dyke road so the minimal mandatory 45 degree roof angle could be made possible while using the maximal plot width to get this 10m1 long glas landscape view


Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
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Klik Hier

All About Materials

Mandatory in the conservative housing scheme for this area is the usage of traditional building materials like brick and wood

How about these 21e century state of the art reinvented traditional materials which leave no questions about if this is contemporary architecture

Using brick tiles cladding for the facade and also the roof covering. This beautiful product has a texture with a roughness that fits the site wel. The tiles are demountable so reusable in the future 

Cooked wood cladding and window frames, extraordinary how by the heating proces this fast growing woods are made sustainable like hardwood   


Sheltered Outdoorspace

In the landscape of large elements. The big river ‘IJssel’ with it’s enormous high dykes (20m) and the to the horizon stretched hinterland of the ‘Mient Polder’ one seeks shelter but can’t find it

The half patio outdoor space of the Dyke House enclosed by minimum of 1.5m high walls gives shelter against the elements while looking at Mient polder through the house or catching a glimps of Neighbourhood life through it’s cut open wall

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier

Exceptional Interior Finishing

Absence of detail is bless, but superb craftsmanship is required 

Invisible doors throughout the house 

Plywood interior finishing in subtle pattern diagonally placed in the 45 deg roof, therefor seemingly continuously paterns (Escher like)

Perfect floated concrete floors and concrete ceilings to finish this minimalist house  

Concept diagrams
Klik Hier
plot and volume
Klik Hier
Ground floor
entry, office, sleeping
Klik Hier
First Floor Loft Living
kitchen, livingroom, outdoor patio
Klik Hier


Dyke House




fam Doornbos



Energy Label



Kavel & Huis mrt-apr'23