Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Braassem Dyke House (A++++)
Under Construction, sneakpreview, along the Dyke footpath
Waterfront Elevation
The entry to the Bel-Etage level underneath the cantilever corner of the building. The framed top-floor window in line with behind laying stairs. Complimenting a dramatic view on the Braassem when coming upstairs.
Waterfront view (low res)
The dark lower level makes the uperlevel vissually float on the water.
Waterfront view (low res)
Solar panels integrated in the roof construction. Delivering more energy than the building uses.
Back Elevation (low res)
Like an opening fan the buildings form is related to the view and also the adjacent buildings directions.
Sunrise through Bay Window
Construction in progress, sneak preview
Sunrise whole living room
Under construction, sneak preview, 6 meter high loftspace, bringing the water of the Braassem and beautiful sky into this household
Close-up Dyke Loggia
Sheltered outdoor space for a quick coffee or sigaret. Cladded with thermally modified spruce wood.
Close-Up Dyke level
The dark lower level referring to the basalt blocks used to make the Dyke. The brickwork butt jointless and windows either hidden behind the brickwork or standing out. Narrow windows preventing passerby from looking into the building. The standing out window for the main living area of the lower level.
Facade Material (3d model)
Environmentally friendly Timber Cladding

Braassem Dyke House

Living in a high-end loft space overlooking the Braassemermeer

Loft apartment on the firstfloor 

Integrated terrace and balcony outdoor spaces, sheltered from wind

Environmentally friendly facade materials

Raw material interior finishing, concrete floors and ceilings, wood walls and custom made cabinets

Using wood materials or no finishing interior materials to reduce the environmental footprint

A++++ Energy Label (produces more electricity than it uses)

plot and volume
Klik Hier
First Floor Loft Living
kitchen, livingroom, outdoor patio
Klik Hier
South elevation
Klik Hier
North elevation
Klik Hier


Dyke House







Energy Label