Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Glass Curtain Wall
Main living space full connected with the garden
Evening Sun Terrace
Level connected to the kitchen
Entry Patio
Hidden glass door and garden peak through the wooden slats
Privacy Enhancing Wooden Slats
Top windows covered with slats preventing diagonal insight

Double Patio Villa

Elevated open floor plan living

Integrated patio outdoor spaces, sheltered from wind

Privacy enhancing, sun blocking integrated vertical wooden shutters 

Environmentally friendly facade materials

XXL integrated terraces and outdoor bubble bath, sauna swimming pond and shower

A+++ Energy Label

The Double Patio

One patio to create an intermediate outdoor space between the street and entrance to the villa

Sheltered from strong North Sea winds and decorated with wooden cladding, green and lighted in the evening, a warm welcome

The entrance door fully integrated in the facade, covered with wooden slats so only direct in front of the door a visual connection is made to the entrance hall

Patio number two for evening dinners, perfectly situated on the evening sun and garden views

Directly connected to the kitchen this patio is the place for family dinners, a barbecue or some nice evening wine 


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Cooked Wood and Plaster

Using white plaster to articulate the villa’s abstract volume

Adding cooked wood on all the indoor outdoor connections to leave the abstract and see, feel, smell the wood up and around it’s outdoor spaces 

Adding an extra layer to this indoor/outdoor experience by creating glass walls covered with wooden slats to enhance privacy, sunblock and beauty!

The Cooked Wood is exceptional durable, low in maintenance and environmentally friendly 

Diagonal Garden View

One of the main aspects of the design is it’s smart positioning of the main volume related to it’s site

By placing the main volume to the North-East corner of the plot creates a space on the South-West side for the garden. By opening up the long side of the villa diagonal views on the garden are guaranteed from all main living spaces

Lifting the floor and terraces a little makes the view on the garden even more profound  

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Interior Finishing

Absence of detail is bless, but craftsmanship is required 

The floating stairs as one the clients wishes in oak, the handrail, both seamlessly with no connecting or construction elements at all 

The stairs natural lighted by a 4m long skylight



Concept diagrams
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plot and volume
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Ground floor
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First Floor
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Patio Villa




van Hamburg



Energy Label