Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019

Boomerang Bungalow

Imagine living in a neighbourhood but inside feeling like living in a luxurious forest retreat 

150m2 of porches, integrated outdoor spaces, in sun, in shade, sheltered from wind and rain

A bent house to create long diagonal garden views 

A Living Kitchen with direct acces to East and West Porch

Exceptional facade materials, hot dip Galvanised metal frame and cladding combined with Themowood cladding

Local materials used as shells for garden paths and native garden planting 

Raw material interior finishing, concrete floors and, plywood walls and custom made cabinets

A strong architectural design

Energy passive design by using canopy to keep the summer sun out and let the winter sun in

Green roof combined with solar panels 

Energy label A++++ (delivers more energy than it uses)

Klik Hier
Klik Hier
Klik Hier

What An Entry!

With the entry to the plot on the south side a creative design solution seems in the making 

From the street totally hidden garage doors, integrated in the buildings volume, the only thing catching you’re eye is the wooden cladded porch that leads the the entry of the house 

Sheltered from the elements under the porch one enters the house looking straight through the hall into the East garden while waiting for the resident 

Surrounded By Porches

Having outdoor places where daily activity can happen

Having the year throughout outdoor places, sheltered from sun, exposed to the sun, sheltered from wind and rain and sometimes in a nice breeze 

The total of 150 m2 terrace surrounding the house divided over 4 porches can be used according to ones needs

Having a small porch for an intimate afternoon coffee or high tea

A larger porch as an extended dinning room or a calm place to study for it’s resident daughters students

So make sure throughout the year you have outdoor places to hang around, to lunch, to light a fire, to dance, to play, to have drinks or read a book

South Entry Porch
Using the length of the volume for a subtle but clear entry to the Bungalow
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East Porch
Under this wide porch, dining or breakfast are easy accommodated
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East Porch
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West Porches
Two porches directly connected to kitchen and dining room
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Klik Hier
Klik Hier
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It's All About Materials And Details

The design of the building can be looked at like a carved out metal volume where the carved out parts are like eye sockets

The metal volume made of hot diped galvanised, which blends it in to nature

The eye sockets, the intermediates between indoors and outdoors and are cladded with thermowood

The eye’s itself are full glass, window frames are hidden and are made of wood (low carbon footprint)

Design concept
Using a bent shape to organise building and plot, creating garden diagonal views
Klik Hier
Design concept
Creating intermediate space between indoors and outdoors
Klik Hier
Design concept
Using part of the intermediate space for a warm welcome (entry)
Klik Hier
Plot and volume
Using a bent shape to integrate plot and building
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including porches
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Energy Label