Rijnland Architectuur Prijs 2019
Restoration Of The Old '50 Garage
The new entry of the villa
Old brick, New Wood Cladding And Lots Of Glass
Old and new in dialog, using different materials but corresponding color schemes
Diagonal Connected Spaces
Kitchen, dining, living room, all anchored around the fire place
Dining Outdoors?
3,3 meter high glass walls
Intimate heated seats near the fireplace

'50 Villa Extension

A complete reorganization of all the villa’s functions

A new entry to the villa

Two main living area’s giving this family places to create, to enjoy, to play, to life

A new main living area with 3,3 meter high glass walls

The restoration of old ’50 parts of the former villa

A complete make-over for it’s late ’80 extensions  

Steel-frame insulated windows

A waterfall of light through it’s new skylights

Multiple Living Rooms

For this family with three teenagers DOA made two living area’s which can be separated by a huge sliding door

The adults place and centre of the house is the kitchen diner and a little room around the corner near the fire place to relax, listen to music, etc

The kids living room, surrounded by the children’s own rooms, is about hanging around the fireplace to listen to music or play the piano yourself

In the centre of the room a skylight gives light and life to the old olive tree and whole room

Interconnecting with the living rooms is the patio outdoor space


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Bathing Sleeping

Using the only stairs in this house up to the master bedroom (like a birds-nest)

Designed on top of the former garage this separated area has circular flow for it’s bathing and dressing 

Pay special attention to the shower which has a granite floor and ’50 tiles. The shower has glass on two sides (look through) to make sure light is spread throughout the whole dept of this floor

New Entry, Old Building

With the restoration of the ’50 garage we transformed the garage to the new entry to the villa and a master bedroom

The balcony functions as a canopy for the new entry, all the the windows are renewed with insulated steel-framed windows

 The ’50 eaves is restored teak wood which is also used for the facade cladding of the new extension

A beautiful tilt steel-frame window is used in the master bedroom to have maximum transparency while having a breath of fresh air circulating

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Interior Finishing

With so much feeling for detail and usage of warm materials the owners knew what they were looking fore

Congratulated with this beautiful living space! 


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